Discover a unique and spectacular valley

Verzasca Valley Experience unforgettable moments: the Verzasca Valley and the surroundings of Locarno-Ascona offer a wide range of very different leisure activities.

The following suggestions lead to pages of tourism authorities or external organizers.


The partly world famous attractions of the Verzasca Valley are always worth a visit, for example the stone bridge in Lavertezzo "Ponte dei Salti", the dam "Diga della Verzasca" or the mountain village Sonogno.

Bathing and relaxing

Especially in the center of the valley there are several great swimming opportunities. The Verzasca enchants with its natural pools carved into the rock in beautiful shades of green and blue. Very popular with children is also the new marble run made of chestnut wood.

Hiking and trekking

The Verzasca Valley is well suited for hiking. The terrain is often steep, but you will be richly rewarded with uniquely wild landscapes and spectacular views. For those who prefer a gentler pace, there are easier hikes on the valley floor.


There is also culture in the Verzasca Valley, for example the "Art Path", an open-air exhibition of two dozen works of art that blend seamlessly into the nature and landscape of the valley and can be hiked for 4.5 kilometers.


Adrealin junkies definitely get their money's worth in the Verzasca Valley and the region, e.g. canyoning, skydiving and much more. The ultimate highlight is, of course, the world-famous 007 bungy jump from the dam wall.


Cyclists of all kinds enjoy varied landscapes and good road quality in the region. Discover also the new bike path across the Magadino plain or one of the mountain bike trails.